❝ I am always searching for something or someone. ❞
-Taki Tachibana, 'Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)'

About Me

Eirene is an avid reader of Webtoons and Manga and enjoys watching cartoons.
⋄ She/Her ⋄ INFP - T ⋄ Libra
⋄ Asian ⋄ Scanlator



One-Person Scans

A Non-Profit Solo Scanlation.
Eirene loves to translate webtoons and does all the roles by herself, you can check out all her works.

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About Me

Hello, Thanks for checking out my website !! You can call me EIRENE. I am also known by my social name YEJIN. I am a scanlator as well as an uploader. I spend most of my free time reading mangas, WEBTOON and watching cartoons, K-dramas, and listening to AudioClip from Naver. I also mess around with designing and I also like to listen to Drama-OST but I am not a fan of POP music.I read my first Webtoon in April 2020 and it was Bastard. I also read my first manga in March 2021 and it was Berserk (Kentaro Miura) I started watching anime movies in 2021, and my first anime show was Death Note. I generally prefer manga to anime, but I still like both!

I'm also currently trying to translate a few mangas under my scanlation group name " ONE-PERSON Scans".
so feel free to check it out! - Check Here

What I Think :

◇ Anime Pros :
• Sound, voicing, animations.
◇ Anime Cons :
• Most of them are not good with shortened or stretched versions of the story compared to mangas, low-effort animations lack details.
◇ Manga Pros :
• Best overall art compared to manhwa or manhua, they have the most amount of details, best story-line (ex- Berserk...)
◇ Manga Cons :
• Not colored.
◇ Manhwa Pros :
• Easy to start, colored, easy to understand the storyline, prefer to read during going home from work or while I travel.
◇ Manhwa Cons :
• Manhwa's storylines are not unique, they all feel nearly the same plot and lack details.
◇ Manhua:
• Terrible regressive plot, too young and immature or censored.
• Good art style.

Thank You for reading! Have a nice day!



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